FUEL – Digestion | Gut Health | Immunity | Alkalinity | Inflammation

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Optimise your gut health, boost energy levels and reduce inflammation.

FUEL is a fermented infusion of 100% organic chemical free grasses, wheatgrass, barley grass & alfalfa. Slowly fermented in a lactobacillus mix of  Tasmanian apples, chick peas, mung beans, linseed & brown rice powder to break down the nutrients into a more bio available form. Finally the ferment is infused with native Baobab which releases polyphenols giving Fuel its extra zing & potency.


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Looking to optimise your gut health, boost energy levels ?
Do you suffer from inflammation ?

Introducing FUEL Bio-fermented Super Greens – Australia’s own alkalising super greens ferment

FUEL Bio-fermented Super Greens is a 100% natural blend of alkalising and nutritious vegetables and greens. Made in Australia using a traditional family recipe, it is an uplifting shot of goodness for those trying to achieve higher levels of well-being in their day.

The Source
Harvested from the foothills of central Victoria, FUEL’s 100% organic chemical free organic grasses, wheat-grass, barley grass and alfalfa are then snap dried to maximise potency before being steam sterilised for purity.

The Process
The grasses are then slowly fermented in a Lactobacillus mix comprising Tasmanian apples, chick peas, mung beans, linseed and brown rice powder breaking down the greens nutrients into a more digestible and bio available form.

The Infusion
The ferment is then infused with native Baobab releasing polyphenols to give Fuel its distinctive zesty overtones and extra potency.

The Probiotics
Forming natural gut loving probiotics Fuels active bacteria assists in body detoxification as well as helping to reduce sugar cravings. In balancing gut biome , Fuel aids digestion reducing bloating.

The 4 Heroes
Australian Wheatgrass
containing a host of the important vitamins ,A, C, E, K and B6 our wheat-grass is also rich in iron, zinc and manganese, delivering a strong nutritional profile supporting gut health and immunity.

Australian Barley Grass
This grassy leaf represents a great source of fibre whilst also rich in Vitamin A , vital in regulating the bodies immune function and cell growth. Loaded with Vitamin K ,the essential micro nutrient that helps the body produce blood clotting and bone formation barley grass is also full of polyphenols and flavonoids , combating oxidative stress

Alfalfa Grass
Part of the pea family ,alfalfa has been shown to help lower cholesterol and control blood sugar management . Alfalfa also contains important copper, folate and magnesium

Native Baobab
A deciduous tree native only to Africa , Madagascar and Australia . For centuries Africans have relied on its rich minerals and vitamins to top up their diet and fight inflammation. Rich in inflammation fighting polyphenols baobab is the perfect alkalising partner for the Factor 8s Joint Ease capsules or powder.

These polyphenols also assist blood pressure management and helps keep blood vessels healthy and flexible ,promoting improved circulation. Its rich high fibre content also aids digestive health and today is a key ingredient in various weight loss management regimes

Why Ferment?
Science has proven that the fermentation of greens delivers far better bio availability than its un fermented counterpart and also contributes heavily to the production of millions of friendly bacteria , the probiotics
These probiotics not only aid gut health but also enhance immune function
The slow fermentation process breaks down key greens nutrients ,making them much easier and quicker to digest

Key Fermentation Benefits:

  • improves gut health
  • Boosts immunity
  • Aids digestion
  • Enhances bio availability
  • Enhances alkalinity
  • Fights inflammation

Did You Know..?
Fermentation is commonly linked to improved heart health, supports weight loss regimes and may aid mental clarity

Q: Is Fuel gluten free and organic
A; Yes its 100% organic, gluten free & non GMO

Q: Can I take Fuel if i am on medications
A; Yes , Fuel is natural and won’t interfere with medications

Q : Will Fuel assist with my inflammation
A : Fuel is full of polyphenols that combat inflammation

Q; Can I take Fuel and Factor 8 together
A: Yes , both products working in unison may assist in delivering greater Joint Ease potency and relief