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Active8 is a potent fusion of natural plants & vitamins to ignite & fortify cardiovascular health. Designed & supported by clinical evidence, it offers a synergistic approach to cardiovascular health, cognitive well-being, weight management, & overall vitality. It is formulated to synergise with Factor 8 and Fuel. Buy now >>


Factor 8 is the result of 3 years of worldwide clinical trials to develop a dual active, natural anti-inflammatory pain relief formula. Active in ingredients are Curcumin and Boswellia plus Piper nigrum (pepper) to help increase bio-availablity and uptake. Buy now >>


Advanced Gut Relief was formulated to relieve digestive discomfort, indigestion, gas/bloating and aids in the removal of intestinal threadworms/pinworms, based on traditional Western herbal medicine. Includes extracts and oils from Garlic, Sweet Wormwood, Common Barberry, Turmeric, Fennel, Pau d'arco, Horsetail, Black walnut, , Pomegranate, Clove,  Origanum and Thyme. Buy now >>


Factor 8 Liniment is effective for aches and pains associated with arthritis, joint pain, muscle injury, sprains and strains, backache as well as bruising. Formulated with Curcumin, Boswellia Serrata, Arnica Montana flower, White Willow bark extract, Holly leaf extract, Clove oil, and Rosemary leaf oil. Buy now >>

FUEL Supplement

FUEL is a fermented infusion of 100% organic chemical free grasses, wheatgrass, barley grass & alfalfa. Slowly fermented in a lactobacillus mix of Tasmanian apples, chick peas, mung beans, linseed & brown rice powder to break down the nutrients into a more bio available form and infused with native Baobab to release polyphenols for zing & potency. Buy now >>


Overnight Cleanse is a natural colon cleanser that uses the power of Magnesium, Oxygen and Aloe Vera to refresh & reset your gut. Benefits include reduced gas & bloating, relief of constipation & cramping, supports healthy bowel function & regularity, supports energy levels & general health and well-being. Take it in the evening and let it work while you sleep! Buy now>>

3xR CURCUMIN SUPER POWDER relieves, repairs, restores & tastes great!

Contains Bio-active curcumin ( over 95% curcumoids, 18g per serve, Galangal root for mental clarity and 40% RDI of Zinc and Magnesium per 10gm serve. Gluten free,  Vegan, GMO, nut free, dairy free, no preservatives. natural flavours, 99% fat free, 38 calories per serve. And - yes you can use it in your cooking! Made in Australia. Buy now>>

Factor 8 Joint Ease

Back pain

The first time I used Factor 8 I felt the difference within 10 minutes.  If I need Factor 8 and forget to take it my body certainly reminds me and then very quickly no pain from inflammation!

Nick R. Noosaville - January 2023

Bursa & Tendonitis

I have been suffering with a shoulder bursa and tendonitis for over 6 months and couldn’t sleep unless I took Nurofen. I stopped taking them a few months ago therefore haven’t had pain free sleep for months. I even tried a cortisone shot that didn’t work. So I am so happy to say I have had pain free sleep for a week now. Thank you!

Denise P - Cowra NSW April 2022


I have been taking the Joint Ease for 2 weeks. It is so effectve. My gout has not disappeared but the difference is just remarkable. To be honest I am just happy to be off the bloody pills I’ve been taking now for 4 years. Better late than never.  P.S. Thank you so much. I will try to spread the word up here in Tuncurry. Stay Safe.

Dickie S - Tuncurry NSW January 2023


I purchased some joint ease from a market stall in Kiama. I have been taking turmeric caps and powder for my very painful Arthrits for a few years now with some relief. I suffer from Arthritis in my hands, feet, knees and neck.

I took 1 capsule a day of Joint Ease and I just can’t believe how quickly it worked. The second capsule I took and my pain was gone.

The lady who sold it to me asked me to write a review if it worked for me.. I called her and thanked her and sent this email in. You must try this one. I was offered my money back if it didn’t work… that’s why I tried it.. I’ve tried heaps of stuff for my pain. It work.

Gordon P - Hurstville NSW March 2022

Joint pain  & muscular aches

I have worked as a mechanic for the past 36 years. I am 53 years old and for the past 7 years.have been suffering from muscular aches and inflammaton in my joints due to my work load.

I saw Michelle at my local market and decided to give a go as nothing else has given me any relief. In the past I have been prescribed Voltaren, pain killers and Mobic however this played havoc on my gut. To have something natural that doesn’t affect other organs in my body was very appealing.

I have been taking Factor 8 now for 2 months and have had a massive amount of pain relief that has really shocked me, it is quite unbelievable. I can wholeheartedly without any hesitation highly recommend Factor 8 to anyone who will listen.

John V - Ramsgate NSW April 2022


I have recently commenced taking Factor 8 capsules. They are fantastic. I have arthritis in my fingers.

Since taking them, I no longer have the arthritic pain. If by chance I forget to take the capsule I can certainly feel it.

I have tried Turmeric in the past. But found factor 8 capsules so much more effective. These tablets are a winner for me

I can't stop telling my friends how good these capsules have been for me.

Louise S - Bayview NSW March 2022 

Nerve ankle pain

8 years ago I broke my ankle whilst in Bali on a motorcycle. I had surgery which I had a steel plate and 2 Pins inserted in my ankle.

The swelling comes and goes and when it swells it puts pressure on my nerves in my ankle. This was very painful. I started taking 3 capsules of Turmeric daily with minimum results so I took 6 caps per day as the recommended dosage says….. It worked and took the pain away.

I recently started taking Joint Ease at 1 capsule per day and have had the same results as taking 6 caps per day. I couldn’t believe it. I’m saving money and will recommend this product to everyone who will listen to me.

I really cannot thank Joint Ease enough for bringing out such brilliant product. Well Done!!

Victoria C - Engadine QLD Feb 2022

Knee pain

My personal Results – Absolutely AMAZING !!! Don’t hesitate, give this a try – you will be happy with the outcome I’m sure.

I’ve been using Factor 8 capsules for approx. 3 months and I have to say I have not had any knee pain almost immediately since startng them.

I was to have a knee replacement 2 years ago but decided there must be a way to prolong surgery, so I started doing Aqua and Stretch classes daily.

This was a great help and has keep me out of surgery up Ill now, but I still had slight pain, some days worse than others.

However, still with my problem knee, I said I’d give these Capsules a try, and I’m honestly blown away with the results.

I have been away on holiday for 1 month, with no exercise at all, and I continue to have no pain. Therefore I totally believe it is thanks to Factor 8.

It is not just my knee pain that has disappeared, but other pesky pains that one gets with ageing – all gone!!!

I am truly converted to daily use of Factor 8.

I am grateful to Leonie and Michelle for telling me about this great product (which I was skeptical of in the beginning).

Lyn P – St Peters NSW

Shoulder pain

As a retired pharmacist I have always been somewhat skeptical of complimentary medicine and “natural therapies”. I had read good things about the anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric, so I decided to try your product Factor 8 Joint Ease, for relief from a chronic pain in my right shoulder. I had tried physiotherapy with mixed and temporary results.

Within a week of taking your product, the constant aching pain had significantly reduced to an occasional twinge. Also arthritic pain in my fingers reduced significantly.

I am very impressed with the results, which confirm results from clinical trials used to obtain TGA approval for labeling.

My skepticism of natural therapies is now not so great! Thank you.

Mike M - Mittagong NSW

Arthritis sufferer

A few words re Factor 8….

When I first started taking Factor 8 I thought this is great but now... EVEN BETTER! I feel 30 years younger with a spring in my step. Energy I didn't know I had. Movement is much better, a lot of pain gone.

Best thing I have done in years...

Suzanne at West Ryde - NSW June 2022

Hip pain

I just want you to know that the Factor 8 capsules kicked in after just 3 days. My hip pain has subsided so much that I’m seriously thinking of rescheduling my hip replacement now as the pain has subsided that much.

I just can’t thank you enough

As you know I was very skeptical to say the least, but this is one time that my impulse buy paid off!

Thank you, Thank you.

Peter L - March 2022

Overnight Cleanse

The only thing I will take for gut health!
Anita K. Verified buyer 5 / 5

The best on the market! Have been using for over 3 years now and recommend it to everyone I know!

Suzanne C. 5 / 5

Amazing product! Doesn’t upset my tummy. Very natural and true to the description.

Ronda D. 5 / 5

Fantastic product- provides a cleanse with no cramps. Highly recommend.
Gina R. 5 / 5

The best thing I have ever used to start making me go regularly absolutely love them

Nicole B. 5 / 5

I’ve experienced severe constipation for years and even tried harsh laxatives that caused me nothing but pain. Trying your Overnight Cleanse was my last resource and I’m so happy that I gave it a shot because it’s been a life saver I take it every night and it’s been a miracle saver I can’t rate this product enough

Kata R. 5 / 5

Wow it works!! What a great cleanse (clean out) of the bowels with no pain what so ever. I've been looking for a product like this for years thanks to your product I can relax now knowing I can use this overnight cleanse with safe and effective results!! 5 stars!!

Linda K. 5 / 5

Advanced Gut Relief

I wanted to report to you my unbelievable results from taking your Gut Relief capsules. For starters it fixed my painful “reflux”. I had been treated by the doctor….even had a gastroscopy, where it showed I had bad bacteria, I was then treated with a super dose of antibiotics followed by a “breath” test. Unfortunately it failed. I then went through yet another hit of antibiotics followed with a 2nd “breath” test, yep, failed again. All this time (6mnths) my reflux was just as bad.  It was at this time, just 2 weeks ago that I discovered you and your natural products. I kid you not, 2 days, 6 pills later, NO REFLUX!!! And none since!

That’s not all! I had a terrible black spongy growth on my head, just above my right temple. It kept changing, and growing. It was probably the size of a 10 cent coin.
Well, I am thrilled to report that after starting the Advanced Gut Relief capsules, the ugly scary black growth has TOTALLY disappeared, within 2 weeks!!! My family couldn’t believe it……until they tried to see it. It’s completely GONE. I still find it hard to believe that it worked so quickly. You can certainly expect to hear from them re: orders.

Thank-you Denise! 🙏

Bev B. 5 / 5